Panoramic “Laga los” tour

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Every country has its mythical places, and Curaçao is no exception. This journey will take you to a sacred spot, known to only a few. Hidden between the hills on the western side of the island in Curacao’s national park, there is an extraordinary area that is said to be a vortex containing an elevated frequency. The most spectacular panoramic views of Curacao can be seen on your journey this special place. This particular area symbolizes “laga los” meaning “letting go”. It’s a place to feel and embrace spiritual freedom.


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The journey will take you to Bandabou, the western rural part of the island. Along the way you will see many traditional houses set in the hills and open stretches. The drive to this part of the island is approximately 45 minutes.


The first part of the journey will take you to the national park where we will follow a scenic route offering the islands most breathtaking panoramic views. The perfect location for great pictures. At the end of the route we will stop at a specific spot where your guide will share the tales of this mythical place made of healing stones. Legend has it that this sacred place was created by runaway slaves who detected its elevated energy field that has formed a vortex. It is from this location that they spiritually freed themselves and fled back to Africa. This is the perfect location to set clear intentions of all that you wish to let go of, or achieve. It’s an extraordinary one-of-a-kind Curaçao experience.


What better way to end such an extraordinary day than with a tropical garden lunch in a beautiful and cozy setting where you can relax, unwind and savor some delicious local dishes. After lunch, we will visit a beach favored by locals where you can take a dip in the ocean and maybe even swim with turtles. An excellent way to end your Bandabou journey.


This journey is available on Wednesdays.
Duration is approximately 6 hours


There are 10 spots available on this exclusive experience with a minimum of 6 participants. Reservations can be made per group or individually. All spaces need not be reserved. This experience is meant to be social so other participants will likely be joining you.


Transportation, park entrance fee, refreshment and lunch.


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