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Wellness Journeys

Enjoyed the wellness journey we had with you today, Korra. Worthwhile and delightful experience that I already started to share with my friends! Wishing you a lot of success and satisfaction in your endeavors!

Henry Pietersz

“Our mom turned 65 and we wanted to give her something special and different. An experience rather than material. We chose for a wellness journey because we felt it would be a great experience for her. That is exactly what it was. Korra took her to very special places and showed her parts of the island in a different way she had never experienced before. A journey filled with positivity, good energy and mind opening moments. She learned many new things about the island and its culture, which made her eyes lit up when she told us the stories afterwards. The restaurant where Korra took them was truly authentic and lovely people. You truly are the best Korra.

Doll & Oedjaghir Family”

“Rest assured, each journey will lead you to find exactly that which is meant for you to receive.”

- Korra Pietersz Juliana